Dear Secretary-General,

Hear us as we speak with one voice about human rights, healthcare and education. We, the undersigned, are just the few of estimated over 100 million people living, working, taking care of children across the world with this neglected disease, vitiligo.

We contribute to every single industry and culture in the world. We are the rich and the poor. We are the face of the entire all neglected disease community. You find us in schools, hospitals, on TV and movies screens, sport arenas, and churches, while many went into seclusion and voluntary isolation from society.

Although, vitiligo has destroyed the lives of millions of individuals since recorded history, predominantly in the developing world, there is no cure in sight. But few diseases give rise to more fear and loathing than vitiligo, especially in dark-skinned people, in whom it can be strikingly prominent. And because it is not contagious or life-threatening, we often receive no support whatsoever from our national healthcare systems.

Thus, I support the initiative 25June and respectfully require the United Nations to

1. Urgently pursue multilateral efforts in vitiligo healthcare and education, and to

2. Designate June 25 as the World Vitiligo Day.

Mr. Secretary-General, please hear our voice. We know you can encourage Member States to respect our rights. Please pursue policies supportive of neglected disease collaboration, vitiligo in particular. This is central to the human rights and personal dignity of millions of women, men and children on this Earth.

If you believe in our cause, please follow the link below and sign the petition