I started having vitiligo at the age of 16 years and it has not been an easy journey.  I had to learn to love myself and to be able to protect myself from the strange stares and horrible comments from people. I always wanted to be a model but I could not become one because beauty is seen in a different way i.e. perfect skin meaning no blemishes or marks.

My dream fell apart when I was turned down after several attempts by modelling agents.  My second option was to study Hotel management, on my second year during my apprenticeship.  I was disappointed when I was told I could not work with people as I would make them uncomfortable with my skin condition.

This affected my self-confidence to a point where I stayed at home for a year, hiding myself from the cruel world. It’s sad how people can judge so easily without getting to know more about vitiligo.

My family and some of my childhood friends are my pillar of strength, they gave me courage to never give up easily in life. Meeting other Vitiligans and knowing that I am not alone has made me stronger and boosted myself-confidence. I am more aware of people’s feelings, and have learnt that everything happens for a reason.  We are all made in God’s image and are all beautiful.

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