The spot on his left eye developed when he was 2 years 6 months, His Paediatrician thought nothing of it as he was admitted in hospital at the time and was unwell,when the spot continued to be lighter than his complexion the Paediatrician prescribed fungal ointment.Even though there’s no family history of vitiligo in my heart I knew it was something bigger, the spot started getting bigger and another formed in his right eye and neck and that’s when a Dermatologist confirmed the vitiligo diagnosis.

It was the hardest day of my life because the dermatologist was very blunt in his delivery of there’s no cure and it will possibly spread even more. Absolutely no compassion or support which I think the medical profession should look at vitiligo is not just a cosmetic illness it’s life changing.

Olerato hasn’t been bullied apart from older kids saying he has the Sarafina/Manzunza thing. He just knows that he is a super hero because he has spots that glow in the dark called vitiligo. He is still too young to understand I will explain further as he grows.

I’m scared he will experience bullying as he grows but I believe we as his parents have to instill confidence and self acceptance in him so that he can stand up for himself and defy what society deems “normal or beautiful”

He has mentors from Beyond Vitiligo who have grown up living with vitiligo and other kids like him so he will never feel alone. The road ahead is tough but he is made of tougher substance ke ena Modimo Olerato and God’s love will see him through💜

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